Professional Dog Boarding Servicing Edmonton, Leduc and Surrounding Areas

At Canine Social House we understand leaving your dogs can be difficult, it's not easy to be away from our pets for any amount of time. That is why at Canine Social House we strive to ensure all of the dogs in our care feel as at home as possible. We want them to feel safe, comfortable, loved and happy and that is the constant care we are here to provide them! And just as importantly as their care, we want you to feel comfortable and happy, and know without a doubt that your dog is well taken care of so you can relax and enjoy your time away! During the day time your dog will enjoy a full day of play and socializing in our daycare groups, a delicious breakfast and/or supper meal (depending on your dogs feeding routine), numerous bathroom breaks in our outdoor area, and at night time they will nice and tired and ready to snuggle into their blankets, comfy and content to enjoy a peaceful sleep until the next day of play begins! We do highly recommend, if your dog is new to us, and you require boarding, that you please bring them for a day of daycare prior to their stay. This allows us to assess your dog, as well as allows your dog the opportunity to be more familiar and comfortable with the new environment. They will feel less stressed and confused when it comes time to drop them off for their stay with us, whether its overnight or a longer period of time. We always do our very best to ensure your dog feels safe and comfortable and we can accommodate to your needs if this is their first time at Canine Social House. At Canine Social House we will happily provide you with daily updates and pictures of your beloved pet while you are away so you can also see all of the fun they are having during their 'Pawcation'! We ask that for all boarding inquiries and bookings please call us, and we will delightfully answer any and all of your questions, and book any boarding appointments needed!! Spots can be limited so the more in advance you call to book the better! We do understand last minute things can happen/emergencies, don't hesitate to give us a call and we will see what we can do to accommodate you!!

Things to bring for your dogs staycation:

  • Food (for health and safety reasons we will only feed your dog the food and/or treats you bring us to feed them) We usually recommend you bring a little extra food too just in case.
  • Blanket or easy machine washable bed (We do have store blankets for dogs use but if they have a blanket they love and prefer feel free to bring it)
  • Favorite stuffy (this isn't required to bring but some dogs have that favorite toy they would love to snuggle up with)
  • Medications (If your dog requires any medications while you are away we can definitely help you out there and make sure they get what they need at the right time)
  • Please keep in mind, some dogs tend to stress the first one or two days of being away from home, even if they are somewhat used to it, not used to it, or familiar with the daycare, or have boarded before, it can still happen. Not always, but something to keep in mind is your dog might spend the first day or two refusing to eat, they may chew up their bedding or their toys. Any bones you bring for their stay will only be given to them during supervised hours for safety purposes. We will always keep you updated on how your dog is doing during their stay. If you are worried your dog may destroy specific items of theirs from home, we can happily provide them with our own blankets/beds to use. We recommend when filling out the necessary paperwork upon drop off, you have several emergency contacts listed.

First time requirements:

  • Bring a copy (preferably one we can keep) of your dogs latest vaccination records. Vaccination requirements include 2nd set of of vaccinations (DAPP, Rabies, Bordetella).
  • Allow yourself a few extra minutes to fill out our waiver and pet care form upon drop off if you are new to our facility. This paperwork is a requirement for your dog to stay with us and be able to socialize in our play groups.

Please note we are open 7 days a week, including Holidays!!