Meet and Greet Proccess:

Every dog is different, and some do not have the same well tempered social skills as others do when it comes to playing and socializing. This is why we have a protocol in place for every new dog that enters our facility. Clients will fill out a short questionnaire on their dogs specific behaviors and health to give us a better idea of each individual dog in our facility and how we will proceed to approach and work with each dog. Approachable, playful dogs who have good social skills will be allowed into our supervised play group right away. Those who are a little more fearful or awkward will be worked with one on one in the beginning, rather than going into the play group right away and causing potential problems that can be avoided.

Individual dogs who show more fear, insecurity and/or aggressive behavior will be given the opportunity to be worked with on a professional level and learn basic socializing skills. This means after a certain amount of time, we can try them into our play groups in a safe manner that will not cause any issues or potential injuries to themselves, or other dogs.